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Whether you’re designing fabrics for apparel, home décor, or flooring, NedGraphics’ software enables you to bring your creative ideas to life. Dive into a world of precise color options, expedite your design process, enhance communication of your designs, and champion sustainability.

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With NedGraphics software, designers are creating high-quality designs with greater accuracy, speed and efficiency. Find the Product or Solution that’s best for you:

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NedGraphics is the leader in textile design software, serving the fashion, apparel, home décor, carpet and rug manufacturers and retailers worldwide.
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Case Studies

Explore how NedGraphics’ software solutions have transformed the design process for top brands, enabling quicker product launches and seamless market introductions.

A Story of Success

Oscar de la Renta Barcelona’s Design Director highlights the transformative impact of using NedGraphics with Adobe®, enhancing their design workflow.

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Bade Carpets

Discover how our Texcelle solutions provided robust software enhancements, reduced overall costs and increased customer satisfaction.

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Phifer Inc.

See how our Easy Coloring program created over 100 different virtual samples, reduced lead time and expanded customer reach.

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Dyefin Textiles

Learn how our Color Calibration solution eliminated color guesswork, increased designer productivity and reduced paper and ink waste.

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NedGraphics empowers designers worldwide providing them with expanded and unconstrained creative freedom, accelerated design workflows, all while maintaining eco-friendly operations that contribute to the worldwide reduction in carbon footprint​.

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