Specialized design software for processing images and scans, editing and cleaning up image motifs, and reducing the colors to a specified number. Converting an unlimited number of colors captured in image scans to a precise number of flat and tonal colors can be a significant challenge. NedGraphics Color Reduction & Cleaning simplifies the process, by applying color reduction techniques optimized for design type, ensuring you’ll achieve the results you want in the least amount of time.

Key Features

Apply masks with Texture Separation

Reduce and recolor the most sophisticated tonal techniques

Unique black and white “film” view view assists with color position controls

Automatic Repeat and Mirror tool

Color Reduction & Cleaning Features

NedGraphics Color Reduction & Cleaning is available in 2 options: Color Reduction & Cleaning and Color Reduction & Cleaning Premium. Select the version best suited for your needs:

Additional Features & Benefits:

  • Import scanned files, digital photographs or any true color (RGB) file

  • Reduce & separate the number of colors from millions in a scan to the desired number of colors

  • Color Reduction generates flat colors, textures, tonal and watercolor techniques

  • Automatic cleaning tools to eliminate unnecessary colors and replace them with pre-selected colors

  • Advanced scan filtering tools like brightness, contrast, blur and sharpen

  • Preview windows display the reduced color image in real time, allowing fine tuning of color selections

  • Color selections are saved automatically and can be applied to multiple scans for the processing of large artwork
  • Most techniques are automatic and can be applied by area or to the entire image

  • Automatic separations creation and extraction of colors from artwork

  • Merge multiple scans with sophisticated rotation and alignment tools.

  • Layers allow visualization of original scan under image where colors have been reduced, to assist in cleaning decisions

  • Area masking and filtering help to address even the most sophisticated designs

  • Print images with color chips and with all related color information

  • Advanced print layout capabilities

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