Color Reduction & Cleaning

Color Reduction and Cleaning is one of the core modules included in Fashion Studio Suite that can be used standalone or integrated with other design components.

Color Reduction and Cleaning is a specialized image-processing tool that interprets scans to ensure that designs and color variations result in the highest possible quality.

Users can quickly select the number of colors they would like to work with and the scan is automatically reduced to that number. In addition, automatic cleaning filters can be applied so that each color area is ready for design manipulation or color changes and without any random pixels or unwanted texture remnants.

Manually performing this process using off-the-shelf photo retouching software is an extremely challenging process that may never achieve the desired result. Color Reduction and Cleaning is tailored specifically to fashion and textiles, making the process quick and easy. Designers can process perfectly flat colors and even manage the most sophisticated tonal watercolor effects.

Key Features

Automatically apply a repeat type to the scan

Visualize design scans with preview

Unique black and white “film” view assists with
color position controls

Compare the color reduced file with the scan on a separate layer

Additional Features & Benefits:

  • Directly import scan files, digital photographs or any true color (RGB) file.

  • Filter and reduce the number of colors from millions in a scan to the number desired.

  • Color reduction can generate flat colors, textures, tonal and watercolor techniques.

  • Multiple views and preview windows display the color reduced result in real time, allowing for fine tuning of color selections.

  • Color selections are saved automatically and can be applied to multiple scans for the processing of large artwork.
  • Cleaning tools are specialized to eliminate unwanted colors and replace them with the desired colors.

  • Most techniques are completely automatic and can be applied by area or to the entire image.

  • Unique black and white “film” view highlights colors to be clean


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