Easy Knit

Create beautiful knitted designs for sweaters, scarves, golf shirts, socks, sportswear, etc.

Start your knitted designs from scratch, or convert any graphic image into a knit fabrication of any density and quality.

Once your design is ready, apply stitch types from our unique visual library. Create ultra-realistic simulations of your design, and recolor as required, with instant view of the finished product.

Work in technical grid format or even directly in knit simulation view, to visualize the precise stitch as you change your design. This is especially useful when making complicated cable and open knit structures.

Export your finished knit fabric in standard industry formats compatible with your supplier’s manufacturing machines.

Key Features

Float Control tool on Pattern Draft View

Change the grid color when in Pattern
Draft View

Convert any design file into a knit fabrication

Includes expansive stitch effect library

Additional Features & Benefits:

  • Select from extensive knit style library

  • Develop and render your own unique knit stitches using Stitch Editor

  • Design with precise technical information for gauge density and quality

  • Select from existing style library or create user defined symbols to represent various stitch types for manufacturing

  • Automatically find and correct floats

  • Create intersia knit designs

  • Visualize your knitted design on a finished product


  • Use the advanced tracing functions to quickly recreate a duplicate virtual sample

  • Automated print layout menu, includes file info, color palettes, and callouts

  • Automatically create ombre knit stripes

  • Work with multiple views simultaneously

  • Layering allows application of embroideries

  • Export files in specific digital formats for communicating with knitting machines

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