Easy Map Creator

Visualize virtual finished products by applying fabric design onto product image.

Maximize the power of the visual image. Mapping your fabric design will help your audience better visualize the finished product.

NedGraphics Easy Map Creator applies your fabric designs onto dresses, shirts, sofas, curtains, or any other products.

Key Features

Apply any fabric design onto any finished product

Show fabric draping with visual rendering tools

Fabric pattern scales to fit finished product size

Export virtual products for website content

Additional Features & Benefits:

  • Apply designs that originate from fabric scans or any design software

  • Suitable for prints, wovens, knits, floor coverings, wall coverings, and other types of fabrics

  • Fabric pattern adjusts to true-to-life scale

  • Fabric drape mapped on image to give photo-realistic look
  • Use mapped image for web graphics, catalogs, advertising, packaging, etc.

  • Print on glossy paper to simulate actual photo for presentations

  • Export final mapping in standard graphic formats (eg. TIFF, JPEG, etc.)

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