No technical weaving knowledge is necessary to convert your creative ideas into striped, plaid and even more sophisticated patterned woven fabrics.

Select from our weave library for common weave types such as, twill, plain weave, satin, oxford and herringbone.

Add custom weave patterns, including yarn textures, shades and sizes, to create unique warp and weft color arrangements.

Print woven simulations that are so realistic you have to touch the paper to believe it’s not fabric!

Key Features

Print or export layouts with fringes and color chips

Apply yarn shading and texture effects for lifelike virtual woven samples

Design and enter custom colors for multiple weaves simultaneously

Define heather yarn texture and color effects

Additional Features & Benefits:

  • Use the advanced tracing functions to quickly recreate a duplicate virtual sample

  • Customize your warp and weft color arrangements

  • Select from hundreds of library weave patterns or input custom weave textures

  • Input precise fabric density by number of ends/picks per inch or metric, including uneven constructions

  • Define yarn sequences manually

  • Create seersucker effect

  • Copy or swap warp & weft sequences to automatically create a plaid or stripe

  • Easily control ombre thickness and effect

  • Generate ultra-realistic fabric simulations

  • Automated print layout menu that includes file info, color palettes, and callouts

  • Ready made 3D product templates for quick view of applied fabric design

  • Export technical production information for manufacturing

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