Storyboard & Cataloging

Create professional presentation and impress your audience.

Storyboard and Cataloging is a unique application to create professional looking presentations, storyboards, line sheets, product collections, inspiration boards, color trend sheets and catalog pages.

Present your fabric designs, garment sketches, furnishing products and color palettes, together with all related merchandising content.

Import any graphic file using the dedicated file browsers. Double-click on any object, and the source application will automatically be launched. Edits are automatically updated in the presentation. Manipulate the content with simple drag-and-drop positioning, with no limitations on layering, ordering, or grouping.

Key Features

Flip and mirror the pattern or drawing as it is
mapped on the model

Repeat option for pictures and fabrics in SBC

Mapping by determining the starting point of the article

Create trend and seasonal presentation boards

Additional Features & Benefits:

  • Create storyboards, inspiration boards, trend boards, and persuasive presentations

  • Design garments, apparel line sheets, collection boards, and color trend sheets

  • Arrange page layouts with images and text to create catalog content

  • Drag and drop fabric images, position, scale, crop, stack, layer, and organize in any combination

  • Drag and drop fabrics to fill garment sketches, using grain lines that rotate and scale designs automatically

  • Import photographs and drag and drop fabrics that map and drape photo-realistically

  • Multiple text options and logo capabilities

  • Use template feature for quick creation of standard layouts

  • Import Adobe® Illustrator® files and launch Ai from within NedGraphics application. Changes are synched automatically

  • Print on any printer or export presentations in standard digital formats including Adobe® PDF

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