Design and proofing tools to create, visualize and control creation of the end product.

NedGraphics Tuft is the best Tuft design to production software solution in the industry, which supports a wide variety of tufting machines from all major machine manufacturers.

Get started by drawing-in your cam motion, assign yarns to needles, and specify the high-low pattern. The result is displayed instantly, and you get immediate notification of any errors or inconsistencies.

Achieve valuable time and cost savings with our high quality simulation engine, speeding up production of ultra-realistic virtual samples, as well recoloring virtual samples on the fly.

A tool for yarn requirement calculation is available to calculate the required yarn lengths and yarn weight. The results can be directly presented in Microsoft Excel for further processing.

Calculate and export yarn requirement information for rapid and accurate data transmission.

Key Features

Simulations include colorway for each palette

Up close visualization of cut and loop

Simulate Color Point designs

View the effect of yarn blend in different proportion

Tuft Features

NedGraphics Tuft is available in 2 versions: Tuft and Tuft Premium. Select the version best suited for your needs:

Additional Features & Benefits:

  • Supports all tufting techniques: scroll, multi-roll, graphics, crossover, etc., as well as different types of yarn including normal, space dyed, Superba, air entangled, etc.

  • Import any design from NedGraphics Texcelle for advanced Tuft processing

  • Real size on-screen view of designs and samples

  • Create ultra-realistic simulations to replace traditional samples

  • Use multiple views of tuft design, pattern, technique, and simulation mode

  • Works with real-time yarn statistics

  • Advanced multi-roll function calculates and optimizes your design

  • Print technical and graph sheets using customizable print schemes

  • Works with real-time yarn statistics

  • Supports needle offsets like CMC PSP, Cobble DSP and TFI/A+P Jutemover


Integrates fully with Product Data Management for workflow optimization & design file fidelity.

Allows machine operators to use the same program as designers, simplifying design data exchange, and keeping track of design changes. Eliminates errors caused by re-entry of manual data.

Machine Interfaces Include:

  • Chattanooga Tufters
  • CMC
  • Cobble
  • GT Supplies
  • Kibby / Modra
  • Nakagawa / Yamaguchi
  • TFI / A+P
  • Tuftco
  • Tuftex / Danley
  • Vertical Technologies
  • Modra

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