Success Story: NedGraphics for Adobe® transforms Oscar de la Renta’s Barcelona Studio

In the heart of Barcelona, within the world-renowned fashion house of Oscar de la Renta, innovation meets creativity. Carles Lopez, the Design Director at Oscar de la Renta Barcelona, shares his enthusiasm and success story using NedGraphics for Adobe®, illustrating how this software has revolutionized their design process. In addition to his role at Oscar de la Renta, Carles Lopez shares his talents with the new generation of fashion designers through several renowned fashion education centers in Barcelona: LCI, IDEP, and EATM.

Carles Lopez is Design Director of the Oscar de la Renta men’s clothing line. He shares his talents with the new generation of young fashion designers through several renowned fashion education centers.

Oscar de la Renta, synonymous with timeless elegance and sophistication, has always been known for pushing the boundaries of fashion. Carles Lopez, with his visionary approach, is determined to embrace the latest technologies to maintain the brand’s leading position in the industry.

The introduction of NedGraphics for Adobe® has been transformative for the fashion house. The NedGraphics plug-ins  have not only saved time but have also played a significant role in streamlining processes, improving overall efficiency as well as communications.

One of the greatest benefits of the NedGraphics for Adobe® plug-ins is their ability to seamlessly create intricate fabric designs within Adobe Illustrator® and Photoshop®. Not only that, but also, Carles Lopez notes that this solution has reduced their design time by at least 50%. This outstanding efficiency allows his team to channel their energies into what they excel at —creativity and craftsmanship.

Furthermore, Oscar de la Renta utilizes Clo3D, a leading 3D garment simulation software, to combine the designed fabrics with 3D garments. This innovative pairing gives a vivid and tangible representation of their creative vision, ultimately diminishing the need for physical prototypes.

Another significant advantage of the NedGraphics for Adobe® plug-ins is their capacity to streamline communication with suppliers. Oscar de la Renta Barcelona can relay all essential details regarding construction, color, and size to their suppliers in one communication. This newfound efficiency has put an end to the constant back-and-forth that previously interrupted the creative flow. Carles Lopez is delighted with the clear,  precise, and timely collaboration they now have with their vendors.

Beyond the software, Carles Lopez expresses immense satisfaction with the support provided by NedGraphics. He appreciates the professional training and online assistance that empower his team to maximize the utility of these pioneering tools.

In wrapping up, Carles Lopez is not just a fan but a strong  advocate for NedGraphics for Adobe®. The successful implementation of the plug-ins at Oscar de la Renta Barcelona stands as a testament to their role as a catalyst for productive and creative collaboration. The time saved, the reduced expenses, and the enhanced communication with suppliers affirm these tools  as an indispensable asset to the fashion industry.

Carles Lopez recommends the NedGraphics for Adobe® plug-ins to fashion professionals looking to push the boundaries of design. These tools are a perfect blend of innovation and elegance, creativity and efficiency. The success of Oscar de la Renta Barcelona is a clear indicator of their transformative impact.

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