June Newsletter

Company Update

NedGraphics has a new look!

We’re thrilled to introduce the new NedGraphics brand! It gives us a fresh look while building on what we do best. The brand refresh also represents a new chapter as we plan for a future of innovation and transform the industry with our technology solutions. The modernized logo outline and color choice reflects this. Be sure to visit our website to see for yourself how our new brand enhances our commitment to continuous innovation.

NedGraphics News

Pantone collaboration

We’re also proud to announce that we have partnered with X-Rite Pantone, the global color authority and provider of professional color management solutions. Together, we are integrating key Pantone libraries and the X-Rite i1Pro3 spectrophotometer in the upcoming NedGraphics v23 release. This integration will enable our users to easily specify and measure Pantone colors across their complete workflow, ensuring full color consistency and peace of mind.

Industry News


ITMA 2023, the world’s most important exhibition for the textile industry which was held in Milan at the beginning of June, brought together 1,709 exhibitors and attracted over 110,000 visitors from 143 countries. The top six visitor arrival countries were Italy (29%), followed by Turkey, India and Germany (6% each), France (4%) and Brazil (3%).

The NedGraphics team was busy on all 6 days of the show, meeting existing and potential customers from across the globe. Our pods were in constant demand, providing demos of our powerful textile solutions.  

The NedGraphics Plug-ins for Adobe®, which we launched at ITMA 2023, were particularly well received, with interest coming from designers working in large and smaller businesses (go to nedgraphics.com/nedgraphics-for-adobe).

The topics of digitisation and sustainability continue to be important topics for the industry, and innovations along these themes were in evidence throughout the halls of this year’s exhibition.  Although these themes have been present for many years, participants commented that at this exhibition, the level of interest and development has definitely accelerated, particularly through the adoption of digitalization.  

NedGraphics’ software solutions play an important role in contributing to digitisation and sustainability, by accelerating the design workflow, eliminating design errors and reducing the need for costly and resource intensive sampling processes. Our intelligent fabric construction design and virtual sampling visualization software applications are particularly helpful in this regard.

Thank you to everyone who visited our booth at ITMA 2023. We hope you found our demonstrations of our latest creative tools both inspiring and informative, and we look forward to seeing many new beautiful textile design creations! Thank you also the Team that made ITMA such a successful event for NedGraphics.

Tips & Tricks

Best Practices for NedGraphics

At NedGraphics, we offer a range of software solutions to fit your unique needs. Here are some tips and tricks to help you enhance your workflow, save time and produce high-quality designs. For more features and solutions, contact us or visit our website.

Design Action Recorder

Did you know that you can apply multiple repetitive action sequences to multiple designs with a single click in Texcelle Pro? With the Design Action Recorder, repeated action sequences can be recorded and also used for future design changes.

Automatic Color Rotation 

Easily recolor prints, knits and weaves at the same time, with the Automatic Color Rotation view. Easy Coloring Pro offers one of the most advanced color calibration engines available today, ensuring color fidelity from monitor to printer to final product.

Repeat Option for Pictures and Fabrics 

Now you have the repeat option with repeat type, values and preview for Pictures and Fabrics in your storyboards. Storyboard and Cataloging Pro is an invaluable tool for apparel designers who need to present fabric designs, garment sketches and color standards with all related merchandising content.

Case Study

A customer success story

For years, Dyefin Textiles has been leveraging the NedGraphics Printing Studio software to modify designs and achieve fast color reduction and cleaning.Thanks to our color communication tools, the company was able to visualize final products during the design stage, resulting in improved collaboration and a streamlined process. Check out our latest case study to learn about how our software has helped this company overcome its business challenges and achieve success.

Stay Connected

Stay connected with NedGraphics via our social media networks. To connect with a member of our team, fill out our online contact form.

Stay connected with NedGraphics via our social media networks. To connect with a member of our team, fill out our online contact form.

Happy designing,

The NedGraphics Team