With NedGraphics Texcelle, create designs for Jacquard and carpets from scratch, edit existing designs, or manipulate scanned images.

Texcelle is easy to use and offers tools for freehand drawing, scaling, applying gradients, placing motifs, along with complex repeat structures.

Design, scale, and develop products based on the constraints of production machinery. Recolor and simulate realistic look of finished products.

Key Features

Easily modify, copy, and rearrange layers, while automatically maintaining the repeat and scale of the design

Transfer of all colors to digital color libraries and easy variation

Use patterns as a brush and create unique designs

Create beautiful kaleidoscope motifs

Texcelle Features

NedGraphics Texcelle is available in 3 versions. Select the version best suited for your needs:

Additional Features & Benefits:

  • Includes over 150 design tools.

  • Create smooth curves using Bezier and splines.

  • Edge smoothing to prevent jagged edges and contours when scaling.

  • Create, modify, and save color palettes.

  • Integrated support for multiple color standards.
  • Create fill patterns or weave structures.

  • Skew, curve, and scale selections for creative effects.

  • Use macros for huge time savings by storing and executing command sequences.

  • Yarn usage calculation.

Add On Modules:

  • Texture simulation for creating carpet simulations (Shaggy, Wilton, etc.).

  • Double workers and effect weaves.

  • Design Workshop to speed up the creation of geometrical designs.

  • Conversions for Axminster, Viable, EAT, Griffith, Zimmer, etc.

  • Crossplanting to optimize your creel for Axminster or Wilton.

  • Colortec Tufting machine interface.

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