NedGraphics and X-Rite Pantone Partner to Enhance Color Workflow in Upcoming Release

New York, May 9th, 2023: NedGraphics, a leading developer of CAD software solutions for the textile industry, has partnered with X-Rite Pantone, the global color authority and provider of professional color management solutions, to integrate key Pantone libraries and the X-Rite i1Pro 3 spectrophotometer in the upcoming NedGraphics software release.

The seamless integration of Pantone libraries and the X-Rite i1Pro 3 spectrophotometer will enable NedGraphics users to easily specify and measure Pantone colors, as well as calibrate and profile their devices, across their complete workflow for full color consistency and peace of mind. 

“We understand the importance of accurate and consistent color for our customers,” Jenny Tcharnaia, President of NedGraphics, said. “The integration of Pantone color libraries and the latest X-Rite i1Pro 3 into NedGraphics is a significant milestone. With this agreement, we enable cohesive and easy-to-use color management, allowing our users to control color all the way through their design workflow, from the inspiration stage to quality control. Our upcoming release means getting desired color results through X-Rite Pantone’s trusted and recognized color ecosystem with ease.”

“We are excited to partner with NedGraphics on the integration of our Pantone libraries and i1Pro 3 color measurement device,” Jan Keller, Vice President of OEM Sales at X-Rite Pantone, said. “We’re confident that NedGraphics’ customers will quickly appreciate and take advantage of these tools to expand, simplify and diversify the use of color across the entire design process.”

The agreement between NedGraphics and Pantone demonstrates a shared commitment to providing users with the highest level of quality and accuracy in their color workflow.

The upcoming NedGraphics v23 release is scheduled to launch later in 2023. As users anticipate this integration, NedGraphics extends an invitation to ITMA 2023. Taking place between June 8 and 14, ITMA 2023 will happen at the Fiera Milano Rho exhibition and trade center in Milan, Italy.

ITMA 2023 will be an exciting opportunity to network with the world’s top manufacturers and industry leaders. Attendees will also get to meet the NedGraphics team in person and see software demonstrations. To learn more about this event, visit


About NedGraphics

NedGraphics is a leading developer of CAD software solutions created specifically for apparel and retail, home furnishings, flooring design and various other textiles. NedGraphics products allow designers to exercise full creative freedom while improving efficiency, productivity and accuracy to create production-ready artwork. For more information, visit

About Pantone

Pantone provides a universal language of color that enables color-critical decisions through every stage of the workflow for brands and manufacturers. More than 10 million designers and producers around the world rely on Pantone products and services to help define, communicate and control color from inspiration to realization – leveraging advanced X-Rite technology to achieve color consistency across various materials and finishes for graphics, fashion and product design. For more information, visit

About X-Rite

Founded in 1958, X-Rite Incorporated is a global leader in the science and technology of color and appearance. With Pantone, X-Rite employs more than 800 people in 11 countries. The company’s corporate headquarters are located in Grand Rapids, Michigan, with regional headquarters in Europe and Asia and service centers across Europe, the Middle East, Asia and the Americas. X-Rite offers a full range of solutions used by manufacturers, retailers, printers, content creators and graphic design houses to achieve precise management and communication of color and appearance throughout their processes. X-Rite products and services are recognized standards in the printing, packaging, photography, graphic design, video, automotive, paints, plastics, textiles and medical industries. For more information, visit

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