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Welcome to NedGraphics, where the art of textile design meets cutting-edge technology. Here, we offer an array of specialized customer services tailored for the vibrant world of textiles, including precise color management, realistic simulation services, detailed mapping solutions, and expert consultation, all designed to bring your creative visions to life with unparalleled accuracy and brilliance.

Color Management

Elevate your coloring and color matching processes with NedGraphics. Our team specializes in analyzing and refining your current workflow, utilizing our advanced technology and industry best practices. Through a comprehensive demonstration, we’ll show you how calibration can transform your operations, saving time and boosting productivity.

Printer Calibration

Display/Screen Calibration

Custom Color Libraries

Leverage NedGraphics expertise for a streamlined and efficient color managed environment.

Fully calibrated, real-time, color gamut indication

Mapping Services

Unlock the potential of your fabric designs with NedGraphics’ 3D Mapping Services. Our technology enables you to effortlessly project your designs onto finished products, such as dresses, sofas, curtains, or flooring, providing a clear vision of the end result.

Building an Image Mapping Project

Flooring Scene Mapping

Fabric Scene Mapping

Experience ultra-realistic room scenes that bring your fabric design to life on finished products.

Additionally, Nedgraphics offers advanced  render for flooring layouts, allowing you to view precise tile positions. Our simulations include Tuft, Dobby, and Jacquard, ensuring a comprehensive visualization of your designs.

Transform your creative process with the precision and ultra-realistic room scenes of NedGraphics 3D Mapping, that visualize flooring design in situ.

Simulation Services

Transform your images into vibrant printed fabrics with NedGraphics. Our software allows you to import, adjust, and recolor your designs effortlessly. Beyond these initial steps, we bring your creations to life with our sophisticated fabric simulation sample software. Our services enable the creation of digital yarn models for simulations, enhancing the texture and realism of your designs. Explore the possibilities with NedGraphics and turn your creative vision into tangible simulations.

Digital Models of Yarns of Choice

Yarn Texture Creation

Texcelle Texture Creation

Create digital models of your yarns for use in simulations

Create digital models of your yarns for use in simulations

Texcelle Texture Creation


Benefit from our 40 years of expertise at NedGraphics to refind your design and production workflows, specifically tailored for users of our software. We pride ourselves on being a steadfast support for our clients, guiding them through enhancements with global best practices. Our Consulting Services are designed to ensure you get the most out of your NedGraphics Software solutions.

Production Workflow Analysis and Improvement

Creating Design/Production Templates

Display/Screen Calibration

Print Layout Templates

Building Jacquard Loom Layouts

Custom Export Templates
For Excel (For Workflow Improvement)

Texcelle Warp Weft Layout

Jacquard Production Template

Upholstery Production Template

Jacquard Loom Templates

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