Create complex Jacquard fabric designs. Design, color, estimate usage, simulate fabric look, and send design files straight to the loom.

Combine with NedGraphics Texcelle for unconstrained creativity. Generate and recolor high fidelity sample simulations for internal and external presentations.

Design fabrics for apparel, home furnishing, upholstery, terry, ties, chenille, velvet, labels, etc. Store and edit fabric data (yarns, weaves, layouts, loom functions).

Key Features

Develop any fabric from simple weaves to multi-layered structures

Scan, clean and automatically generate yarn texture

Export card view with design colors

Design for multiple fabrics: terry, ties, chenille, velvet, labels, etc.

Jacquard Features

NedGraphics Jacquard is available in 3 versions: Essentials, Advanced, Premium. Select the version best suited for your needs:

Additional Features & Benefits:

  • Visualize your fabric and weave structure in real-time

  • Create amazingly realistic fabric simulations replacing physical samples

  • Scan and save your own yarns

  • Easy to access libraries for all your weave patterns

  • Automatically generate weft and warp scales from your design

  • Create production data instantly

  • Integrate float checking and correcting (automatically and manually)

  • Convert to and from any weaving machine files

  • Convert from compound weave to basic weave and vice versa

  • Support any kind of Jacquard format (Bonas, Grosse, Stäubli, etc.) or punching machine

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