Jacquard CAD / CAM Solutions

NedGraphics Jacquard software, the most complete Jacquard Textile Design software in the industry.

With NedGraphics Jacquard, Pro & Enterprise, the most complex jacquard fabrics can be created, colored, estimated, calculated, simulated and sent straight to your looms. Jacquard is the introductory version of Jacquard Pro offering an attractive price tag and lowers the threshold for adding stations.

Combine NedGraphics Jacquard software with NedGraphics Texcelle Textile Design Software for full creativity.
Jacquard Enterprise is the ultimate solution for any weaving company and offers a high quality simulation engine to generate virtual samples as well as the True Coloring module to create and recolor highly realistic virtual samples.

Any type of fabric is supported; upholstery, terry, ties, velvet or labels. Realistic 3D fabric simulation offers dramatic cost savings in sampling and can be used for commercial product presentations. All elements used to compose the jacquard fabric such as yarns, weaves, harness layouts and loom functions are stored in libraries and maintained with easy to use editors.

Key Features

Check and develop any fabric, from simple weaves to multi-layered weave structures with 3D Weave

Easily get a scan, clean it and generate a yarn texture

Export card view with design colors

Any type of fabric is supported; chenille, velvet, upholstery and towel

Additional Features & Benefits:

  • Visualize your fabric and weave structure real-time.

  • Create highly realistic fabric simulations to replace traditional samples. Even the most complex weave structures are simulated realistically (i.e. terry, wire velvet, etc.).

  • Scan your own yarns.

  • Create, store, and use basic and compound weaves in easy to access libraries.

  • Automatically generate weft and warp scales from the design.

  • Create production data instantly.
  • Integrate float checking and correcting both automatically and manually.

  • Convert to and from any weaving machine.

  • Use the true coloring tool to recolor the simulations.

  • Create basic and compound weaves.

  • Convert from compound weave to basic weave and vice versa.

  • Support for any kind of jacquard (Bonas, Grosse, Stäubli, etc.) or punching machine.


Maximize your design team’s productivity and creativity with NedGraphics’ streamlined services.