Aquario Design Releases Second Textile Designer Module

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Calling all textile designers worldwide! Are you ready to expand your textile design capability and speed up your design process? The Aquario Textile Designer plugin is here.
NEW YORK – August 23, 2022

Aquario Design, the sister company of NedGraphics, just released the Aquario Textile Designer plugin, which includes the AquarioTD Repeat and AquarioTD Colorist. It’s now available separately via a subscription or together as a bundle.

The Aquario Textile Designer plugin is the result of a collaboration between Adobe and Aquario to develop a powerful textile design solution. The plugin is integrated into the Adobe Photoshop toolbar, making it easy to do design work in a familiar environment.

In addition to defining repeats, including support for straight, drop and shifts, the modules support color reduction and mapping colors to colorways. Users can also envision the printed results via the preview feature that’s available for all of their designs.

All About AquarioTD Repeat and AquarioTD Colorist:

AquarioTD Repeat
● Creates repeat patterns quickly and eliminates errors
● Places objects or images accurately using straight, drop and shift layout options
● Mirrors repeat options easily
● Changes duplicate opacity for easy repeat visibility

AquarioTD Colorist
● Helps recolor artwork to create multiple colorways from a single design
● Swaps, flips, merges, previews and saves colors quickly
● Includes the Color Reduction plugin to reduce the number of colors in any design
● Specifies a maximum number of colors and selects them automatically via the Auto Reduction feature

Additional Key Features
● You can export your work as a PNG, JPEG, TIF and PSD. Additionally, the module’s plugins are optimized for compatibility with Adobe PDF Print Engine RIPs.

For tutorials and more information, visit our YouTube channel and FAQ page.
To learn more about the Aquario Textile Designer plugin for Adobe Photoshop, visit the official website.

About Aquario Design
Aquario Design is a leading provider of fashion, textile and printed design applications for Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. Fashion and textile designers all over the world trust Aquario’s solutions to capture their creative ideas, manage colors, accelerate design workflows and prepare accurate design files. More information about Aquario Design can be found at

About NedGraphics
NedGraphics is a leading developer of software solutions created specifically for apparel and retail, home furnishings, flooring design and various other textiles. NedGraphics products allow designers to exercise full creative freedom while improving efficiency, productivity and accuracy to create production-ready artwork. For 37 years, NedGraphics has worked directly with top companies in the retail and apparel, home decor, and floor design industries, inspiring creativity
by developing new and improved solutions tailored specifically to customers’ needs. More information about NedGraphics can be found at

Jenny Tcharnaia Named President of NedGraphics and Aquario Design

Jenny Tcharnaia has been appointed President of NedGraphics, Inc. (“NedGraphics”) and Generation Digital Solutions, Inc. d/b/a Aquario Design (“Aquario Design” and with NedGraphics, the “Companies”), uniting both Companies under an experienced leader.

Since December 2018, Ms. Tcharnaia has led a corporate development team within the apparel, textile, and retail software portfolio of FOG Software Group, the parent company of both NedGraphics and Aquario Design, and executed on investments in portfolio companies that included Aquario Design and Optitex, Ltd. She also worked closely with the Companies’ leadership teams to launch and manage organic growth initiatives. In 2010, Ms. Tcharnaia co-founded triMirror, a 3D fashion visualization and real-time cloth simulation company, and she continues to advise the triMirror team as well as other startups and non-profit organizations. She began her career in mergers and acquisitions at Ernst & Young in 2008.

Ms. Tcharnaia consolidates the roles formerly held by Geoff Taylor at NedGraphics and Matt Forman at Aquario Design. NedGraphics and FOG Software Group thank Geoff for his leadership and important contributions to the business and wish him well in his future endeavors. Matt will take on the role of special advisor to the Companies, providing support in this exciting new phase.

Continuous innovation and strategic acquisition will be key to the growth strategy, and Ms. Tcharnaia is well positioned to bring this experience to the Companies. “Jenny’s market and product expertise has already had a positive impact on our business” said Matt Forman of Aquario Design. “I’m looking forward to working together across the brands, to bring a fresh approach and drive the future growth of our business.”

“Jenny has been an invaluable asset to the FOG team for several years” said Sandy Scott, FOG Software Group Portfolio Manager. “We are excited to see the tremendous value she’ll create for NedGraphics and Aquario customers globally, leveraging her deep market understanding and strategic insight, while also providing employees and partners with an exciting path to the future.”

Ms. Tcharnaia received an International BBA degree from York University in 2009, became a CFA Charterholder in 2013, and is currently pursuing an MBA degree from Columbia Business School.

About NedGraphics Software

NedGraphics provides specialized CAD/CAM design software for fashion, retail, home textiles, carpet and flooring, and other textile industries. The NedGraphics products allow designers full creative freedom for Print, Jacquard, Dobby and Knitted fabric design, as well as Carpet, Rug and Tuft design, while improving efficiency, productivity, and accuracy to create production-ready artwork. For more information, visit

About Aquario Design

Aquario Design, formerly EFI Fiery DesignPro and Generation Digital, provides software specifically for the fashion and textile market to create prints, knits, wovens, fashion sketching, and more. Working as plugins within Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, Aquario Design’s software streamlines the workflow enabling designers to focus on creativity. The tools are available as a subscription on both Mac and PC platforms. For more information, visit

About FOG Software Group

Rosemont, Illinois-based FOG Software Group is a division of Toronto-based Vela Software and Constellation Software, Inc. [TSX:CSU] The company acquires, manages, and builds software companies in a variety of vertical markets. By helping their acquired companies improve operations, grow through organic initiatives, and seek additional acquisitions that can strengthen their market position, their portfolio companies become clear leaders in their industries.

For more information, visit

Aquario Design and NedGraphics Announce Creative Alliance with Adobe

Aquario Design™ and NedGraphics™ form creative alliance with Adobe to create unmatched apparel and textile design solutions from Adobe plug-ins to powerful CAD/CAM systems.

As part of the creative alliance, Aquario and NedGraphics will integrate Adobe’s Textile Designer technology and be compatible with Adobe’s PDF Print Engine, creating the industry’s most advanced apparel and textile design portfolio. Aquario expects to release their new product in the next few months.

Mike Scrutton, Director of Print Technology and Strategy at Adobe announced the partnership at the Digital Textile Printing US conference in Phoenix, Arizona. “Adobe’s partnership with Aquario and NedGraphics enables the combination of our technologies to create a powerful textile design solution that should be part of every fashion designer’s tool set.”

“Integrating Adobe technology into our specialized design applications, will further strengthen our capabilities as we provide design teams with some of the most popular tools on the market” added Matt Forman, President of Aquario Design.

Serving some of the world’s best-known fashion brands and retailers, NedGraphics understands departmental specialization and design needs vary from company to company. This enlarged product portfolio establishes NedGraphics as the ideal one stop shop for professional design software.

“With continued pressure to shorten collection lead times and the need to manage increasingly distributed design teams, it is imperative for brands and retailers to implement specialized design technology to remain competitive. The complementary NedGraphics, Aquario & Adobe solutions portfolio provides design teams across all departments with multiple points of entry and unlimited upgrade path scalability, supported by the most experienced team of industry specialists” said Geoff Taylor, President of NedGraphics.

Anticipated Benefits for Brands, Retail and Textile Design Teams:

  • Powerful textile design applications enhanced with Adobe Textile Designer technology
  • Single source for fashion and textile design solutions that meet the needs of designers across departments and experience levels
  • Broad range of apparel and textile design solutions, extending the capabilities of Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, that enhance collaboration, accelerate productivity, and increase accuracy
  • Solution upgrade path, from simple to complex design tasks, to accompany growing design departments, catering for varying budgets

To learn more about the Adobe, NedGraphics and Aquario Design alliance, visit us here.

NedGraphics Inc. and Aquario Design Inc. are portfolio companies of Constellation Software Inc. (TSX:CSU). For more information, visit or

For more information on Adobe textile workflows, visit


Geoff Taylor
President, NedGraphics Inc.

Matt Forman
President, Aquario Design Inc.