Print Server Pro
The Print Server Software by NedGraphics!

Improve color matching accuracy, save time, and eliminate manual processes of print management with NedGraphics’ Print Server software, Print Server Pro™! Ensure color consistency across multiple printers and workstations while minimizing waste with the new nesting and paper utilization features.

How does Print Server Software work?

Print Server Pro is hosted on a single server station with NedGraphics Calibration to ensure color matching is accurate and consistent. The centralized print queue addresses multiple print stations at once, allowing users to rearrange or queue jobs across various printers before beginning to print.

NedGraphics’ Print Server software works with NedGraphics Calibration to catch potential errors in color profiling as it processes jobs, allowing for accurate color management between multiple programs and offices while eliminating the need for third party print processing software. 

Key Features

 Print Server Pro & A Client Sample Workflow

Use print server checkbox


Control print settings from Options Print Setup

Clearly view paper utilization percentage to monitor and minimize paper waste with Print Server Pro. 

Details such as the time sent to print, current status, printer state, and file format are also clearly visible.

What are the advantages of Print Server Pro?

  • Nesting with automatic rotation for paper utilization optimization on large format roll printers.

  • View information for multiple stations and prioritize and edit jobs, such as time sent to print, current status, printers state, ink levels, and file format in one place.

  • NedGraphics Color Calibration managed on the Print Server Pro station ensures color accuracy across all workstations and printers in multiple offices and locations.

  • Color corrects jobs that are sent with incorrect settings.

  • Page layouts for print jobs from multiple workstations that can be set to print automatically based on user specified percentage of paper used, allowing to easily monitor and reduce waste.

  • Queue management from multiple workstations for multiple printers allows users to prioritize and easily reprint jobs or layouts.

NedGraphics also provides users NedGraphics Print Server™ as the standard version of print job queue management application that comes with an attractive price tag.


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