Dobby Pro

Dobby Pro is the ultimate solution for designing woven Dobby fabrics and virtual sampling.

With superior, user-friendly tools, Dobby Pro addresses the needs of all users, from creative woven stylists to the most demanding woven technician.

With Dobby Pro you can easily create advanced weave designs. We understand the challenges you face and have customized Dobby Pro to work the way you work.

Easily develop any type of woven fabrics, starting with a scan of actual fabric to match, or just express your imagination by entering ideas from scratch. Once the design information has been entered, Dobby Pro does the rest.

Generate virtual simulations that can be used in place of traditional fabric samples and also export a wealth of information that can be used to directly control the entire manufacturing processes. From yarn selection to running the loom, Dobby Pro gives you an unequaled advantage in this competitive market.

Key Features

Create complex and compound weaves such as double cloth fabrics

Software analyzes fabric scans to create quick reproductions

View weave and virtual samples at the same time, interactively

Ability to print via 3D View alongside simulations

Additional Features & Benefits:

  • Visualize your fabric and weave structure real-time.

  • Create highly realistic fabric simulations to replace traditional samples. Even the most complex weave structures are simulated realistically (i.e. terry, wire velvet, etc.).

  • Scan your own yarns.

  • Create, store, and use basic and compound weaves in easy to access libraries.

  • Automatically generate weft and warp scales from the design.

  • Create production data instantly.
  • Integrate float checking and correcting both automatically and manually.

  • Convert to and from any weaving machine.

  • Use the true coloring tool to recolor the simulations.

  • Create basic and compound weaves.

  • Convert from compound weave to basic weave and vice versa.

  • Support for any kind of jacquard (Bonas, Grosse, Stäubli, etc.) or punching machine.


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