Design from scratch or edit scanned artwork and fabrics with our easy to use, advanced CAD fabric design software.

Create your designs in repeat mode, with the ability to change the repeat type, size, origin point, rescaling etc., while having a preview of finished fabric.

Develop new concepts, collections, and coordinating designs by copying motifs, applying textures, and adding stripes, then customize the output to the precise scale and repeat size that is desired.

Export production-ready files in standard formats for simple exchange with customers and manufacturers. Import and export files from other CAD and PLM applications, as well as Adobe® Creative Cloud.

Key Features

Split screen, designing on layers with various object libraries

IKAT design creation tool

Record your design actions and apply to many files simultaneously

Easily create border designs

Design & Repeat Features

NedGraphics Design & Repeat is available in 2 options: Design & Repeat and Design & Repeat Premium.
Select the version best suited for your needs:

Additional Features & Benefits:

  • Design using layers to stack various design elements

  • Supports all varieties of textile repeats, including complex mirroring

  • Manage repeats with curved joins

  • Open and work between multiple files simultaneously

  • Visualize any number of interactive zoom views simultaneously

  • Create coordinating patterns by isolating motifs, adding background textures, stripes, and effects

  • No limitations for drawing over repeat boundaries
  • Print onto paper or fabric for in-house review, customer presentations, and to replace physical samples

  • Reduce errors by exporting production ready files

  • Import and export layered files with Adobe® Photoshop

  • Drive the latest digital printing and engraving machinery

  • Layering technology for management of vector objects, including native Adobe® Illustrator files

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