Design & Repeat Pro

Design and Repeat Pro is one of the core modules included in Printing Studio Suite, and is easily the most advanced and widely used solution currently available.
The need to create and develop designs of the highest quality is critical for today’s retail, apparel, home furnishings, and textile design companies. With large investments in original artwork, fabric samples, trend services, and the creative talent necessary to address them, our customers need to quickly turn ideas into marketable products. With its signature option for multiple view operation, no other program gives you a wider view of the design more of the time. In addition to the design capabilities, Design and Repeat Pro offers an advanced tool set for the most accurate preparation of manufacturing-ready digital files. Files can also be imported and exported from all other CAD and PLM applications, as well as from the Adobe CS Design Suite.

Key Features

Signature dual/split screen, designing on layers with various object libraries


Record your design actions and apply to many
files at the same time.

Create border designs easily

Additional Features & Benefits:

  • Import and export layered files with Adobe Photoshop.

  • Open and work between multiple files at the same time.

  • Drive the latest direct digital printing and engraving machinery.

  • Reduce interpretation by exporting manufacturing ready digital files.

  • Visualize any number of interactive zoom views simultaneously.

  • Supports all varieties of textile repeats, including complex mirroring.

  • Browse and archive files with advanced media management capabilities.
  • Manage color overlays and fall-on color mixing with full control to define the resulting color.

  • Layering technology for management of vector objects, including native Adobe Illustrator files.

  • Great fit for advanced designers who need a wide selection of tools.

  • Advanced layer design capabilities with management of floating design elements that can be arranged in stacking orders, grouped and ungrouped.

  • Print results on paper and direct digital fabric printers or export in all standard file formats.


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