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Threads of Tomorrow:

Exploring Fashion & Textile Design Trends in 2025 and Beyond!

The fashion and textile industry stands on the brink of a revolutionary shift, characterized by the emergence of groundbreaking trends, a commitment to sustainability, and an ever-evolving landscape of design creativity. As we look towards 2025 and beyond, understanding these changes is not just beneficial—it’s essential for anyone looking to stay ahead in the industry. 

We are thrilled to share that NedGraphics exclusive webinar, ‘Threads of Tomorrow: Exploring Fashion & Textile Design Trends in 2025 and Beyond!’ held on March 20th, 2024, was a resounding success. This event has inspired new professionals and enthusiasts keen on gaining insights into the future of fashion and textiles.

Featuring a lineup of distinguished guest speakers, the webinar offered unparalleled insights and sparked engaging discussions on what lies ahead. We extend our heartfelt thanks to everyone who joined us and contributed to the enriching dialogue.

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Session 1: 13h00 CET (Suitable for EMEA – 1 Hour Duration)
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*Please note: To cater to a global audience, we are hosting two identical sessions. Feel free to attend the one that best fits your schedule.

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Webinar Featuring Special Guests Speakers

Carles Lopez

Design and Creative Director of Oscar de la Renta Menswear

Carles Lopez, the Design and Creative Director of Oscar de la Renta Menswear, is an influential figure in fashion, renowned for his ability to innovate with timeless elegance. At the helm of his own design studio, Creative Oversee, based in Barcelona, Carles specializes in leveraging new technologies to craft collections for various clients, showcasing a remarkable blend of creativity and technical expertise.

His leadership has revolutionized the menswear line, streamlining the design process through the integration of advanced technologies. This approach has significantly reduced the design time while enhancing both creativity and craftsmanship. Carles’s forward-thinking strategies have ushered Oscar de la Renta Menswear into a new era, emphasizing digital design and 3D simulations to minimize the need for physical prototypes. Such innovations not only boost efficiency but also promote sustainable practices within the fashion industry.

Carles believes in the power of technology to transform fashion design, ensuring Oscar de la Renta Menswear remains a trendsetter in the luxury market. His experience demonstrates how traditional fashion houses can innovate while preserving their heritage, offering valuable lessons for fashion professionals on using technology for creative and operational improvement.

Beyond his accomplishments, Carles extends his expertise to the next generation of fashion designers by teaching at several prestigious institutions. He impacts his knowledge and skills at LCI, IDEP, and EATM, in Barcelona, Spain, as well as at UDEM in Mexico.

Carles plays a crucial part in shaping the future of the fashion industry by blending practical experience with academic insight, ensuring that emerging designers are well-equipped to navigate the evolving landscape of fashion with creativity and innovation.

LinkedIn | Instagram | CREATIVE OVERSEE

Astrid Davidse

Founder of AD Design Studio and AD Color Concept

Astrid Davidse, a graduate in fashion design from the Royal Academy of Arts in The Hague, embarked on her career as a fashion designer, pioneering the use of Nedgraphics design software. As one of the first adopters, she demonstrated her knack for blending creativity with technology. Transitioning to freelance work, Astrid combined her design endeavors with training clients in her favored software.

Recognizing her talent for creating color-coordinated collections, Astrid ventured into home fashion design, establishing her design studio. Over time, her studio evolved to encompass the unique handwriting of ten different designers. In parallel, Astrid began publishing trend and color inspiration guides, both as standalone ventures and as part of comprehensive support packages for global home fashion brands seeking to expand their businesses.

Through her multifaceted ventures, Astrid Davidse has cemented her reputation as a visionary in the field, seamlessly integrating innovation, design expertise, and a keen eye for emerging trends to drive success in the home fashion industry.

For more context or extra info, see her websites: and

Kristof Vandewoestijne

Founder and Manager of Deca Design and Fireflies Graphic Studio

Kristof embarked on his journey into textiles and design in 1990, pursuing an education in textile design in Kortrijk, Belgium. There, he met Sofie, his future wife and partner in life and business. The couple has been married for over 30 years and shares two creative daughters, Cézanie, aged 21, and Emillienne, aged 16.

After accumulating a wealth of experience in various textile companies, Kristof founded Deca Design in 1998, with Sofie joining the venture the following year. With more than three decades of experience and a global client base, Kristof and Sofie have established themselves as leading figures in the textile industry. Their expertise primarily revolves around carpet design, including woven, tufted, and printed carpets. At Deca Design, the focus is on crafting modern and transitional designs, though they are also adept at creating Persian traditional classics. Their designs stand out for being both bold and commercially viable.

As a guest speaker for the NedGraphics webinar, Kristof brings a rich history of innovation and creativity in textile design, offering invaluable insights into the world of carpet design and beyond.

For more info, please visit Deca Design Studio at and Fireflies Graphic Studios at

Hosted by

Caroline Smith

Designer and Software Specialist -
NedGraphic Customer Success Team

Caroline Smith is a pivotal member of the NedGraphics Customer Success Team, where she leverages her experience as a Designer and Software Specialist. Holding a BFA in Textile Surface DEsign from The Fashion Institute of Technology, she has amassed over 5 years of experience in the home-fashion textile industry. Caroline specializes in supporting users of the Ned Desktop and Ned for Adobe, blending her deep industry knowledge with technical proficiency to help clients enhance their design workflows.

Her firsthand observations of the swiftly evolving trends, colors, and textures in textiles offer her a unique insight into the industry’s dynamic nature. Caroline’s role bridges creative passion with the software savvy, making her an essential resource for NedGraphics users aiming to realize their creative visions efficiently.

As a speaker, Caroline distills her extensive experience and technical know-how into actionable insights, providing audiences with a rich understanding of textile design’s latest trends and the practical application of design software. Her contributions are marked by a commitment to driving innovation and creativity in the textile design sphere.

Elaina Nelson

Designer & Creative Director,;
Contributor, NedGraphics Marketing

Elaina Nelson, with her foundational education in Textile/Surface Design from the Fashion Institution of Technology, has carved a niche for herself at the intersection of design and technology. Her journey through the ranks as a CAD Designer for iconic brands like Victoria Secret Pink, and Li and Fung ignited her passion for the digital aspects of textile design. This led her to become a valued customer support specialist for Ned for Adobe, gaining a comprehensive understanding of the textile industry’s landscape, from its challenges to its peak of excellence.

The pivot to entrepreneurship came post-pandemic when Elaina co-founded, stepping into the role of Creative Director. This venture broadened her perspective, showcasing the pivotal role of trends not just in fashion and home decor, but across all design and marketing disciplines.

Our webinar provided a thorough overview of upcoming trends in fashion and textile design, focusing on creativity and innovation. It aimed to equip designers, manufacturers, and enthusiasts with the knowledge to navigate future industry standards and practices effectively.

We thank all participants, guests, and hosts for their contributions and engagement. Your involvement was key to the success of this informative session.

Your NedGraphics Team

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