Fashion Design Software

NedGraphics Fashion Design Software CAD/CAM not only gives designers an easier way to work, but also bridges the gap between the design concept and actual fabric. Our software replicates the weave of your fabric so you can preview the texture and every subtle variation on directly your screen, without waiting months for samples.
Our fashion design software modules will give apparel designers the ultimate power and full creativeness to create stunning designs. Freely express your creativity and improve communication with development teams and suppliers by using our world-class design solution.
See various of our modules in action on our YouTube Channel.
Easily reduce and clean your scanned artwork or idea within minutes, use our powerful drawing tools to express your creativity and create endless colour versions. With NedGraphics Fashion Design software you can create your own textile design pattern for knitted, woven or jacquard fabrics.
NedGraphics offers the following modules for Fashion Designers
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NedGraphics Fashion Design Software is available in the following modules: