Expert Insights into Color Precision:
NedGraphics Strategies for Textile Design Excellence

Marnix Decokere, our esteemed Senior Consultant, In-House Color Specialist based in our European Service Centre located in Wevelgem, Belgium, delves into the intricacies of effective color communication. With years of invaluable experience, Marnix plays a pivotal role in aiding our clientele to master their color workflow. His expertise extends across both hardware and software realms, with a particular focus on large format printers, color calibration, and color management.

In the dynamic world of textile design, achieving precise color management is a complex and ongoing challenge. The multitude of factors involved – such as varying lighting conditions, diverse monitor and printer technologies, and the wide range of inks and substrates – can transform true color control into an intimidating task. This is where NedGraphics Software emerges as a pivotal solution provider.

Addressing these challenges head-on, NedGraphics offers advanced coloring and calibration services and solutions tailored to the diverse needs of sectors such as apparel and retail, home furnishings, and floor design. Our innovative Easy Coloring Premium tool facilitates rapid and efficient recoloring of designs. Simultaneously, NedGraphics Color Calibration ensures true color matching, seamlessly bridging the gap from digital screen to physical production.

In the upcoming sections of this blog, we delve into the expert guidance of Marnix Decokere. With his extensive background in color management and calibration, Marnix has distilled his knowledge into the top three recommended tips and tricks for mastering color accuracy in textile design. These insights are aimed at simplifying the complexities associated with color management, focusing on standardizing processes and tools to enhance precision and consistency. Keep reading as we explore these crucial strategies, each designed to elevate your color accuracy processes to their utmost potential, ensuring optimal outcomes in your textile design projects.

1. Workspace Lighting for True Color Fidelity

Clients in the textile industry often encounter challenges with accurate color rendition and communication, largely due to inadequate workspace lighting. Common lighting options like standard spot and incandescent fluorescent lights can distort color perception, leading to inconsistencies in design outcomes. To address this issue, NedGraphics expert Marnix, advises the use of D65 lighting for optimal results with our calibration solutions. For those adhering to International Color Consortium (ICC) standards, the preferred choice is D50 lighting, which aligns with ICC’s calibration norms.

For a more in depth look at information lighting and color matching, take a look at Graphic Technology, Inc.’ Various Lighting Sources Report.

VenVide Colour Fastness Cabinet (CF 60)

Recognizing the crucial role of lighting in color accuracy, we also recommend VeriVide and Just Normlicht, two leading brands known for their high-quality lighting solutions. Their bulbs boast high color rendering indices (Ra), essential for precise color rendering. However, a variety of major light bulb manufacturers offer bulbs with the appropriate temperature, further broadening the options available for achieving accurate color representation.

Finally, for more controlled color comparison and color matching, lightboxes or light booths are highly effective tools. These are particularly useful in manufacturing settings, where they are employed to compare yarn colors between different batches and manufacturers. This practice ensures a seamless match between colors produced using NedGraphics software and those created by mill color kitchen software.

Addressing lighting issues in your workspace with these recommended solutions can significantly enhance color accuracy in your textile designs. NedGraphics also offers tailored advice and state-of-the-art solutions to help you navigate these challenges and achieve the highest standards in color management.

2. Choosing the Right Printer and Paper for Impeccable Results

Clients in the textile design industry often grapple with finding the right printing solutions that balance effectiveness and efficiency. Through research and testing trials, Marnix has elected the Epson printers as the optimal choice due to their proven performance. Specifically, he recommends the Epson Professional large format printers, including the SureColor Series Violet edition models P5000, P7000, and P9000. These printers are renowned for their high-quality output and reliability, making them a top choice for textile designers.

The Epson SureColor P5000 Commercial Edition Printer, ideal for A2 – 17” wide roll paper, is particularly suited for U.S.-based clients. To complement these printers, we suggest using specific Epson papers known for their compatibility and quality results. These include the Epson Enhanced Matte Paper available in various sizes, such as 17” rolls, A3+, A3, and A4 sheets, ensuring a wide range of options for different project requirements.

Epson SureColor P5000 Commercial Edition Printer: A2 Paper

Epson Enhanced Matte Papers:

17” Roll, 30 m S041725
A3+ S041605 (100 sheets)
A3 S041343 (50 sheets)
A4S041718 (250 sheets)

In Europe, where clients might prefer more cost-effective paper options, NedGraphics commits to rigorously testing these alternatives to ensure they meet our high standards. The ideal paper choice should effectively absorb ink without bleeding and contain minimal levels of optical brightener agents (OBAs). OBAs, while enhancing paper brightness, can negatively impact the environment and distort color accuracy in printing. A low OBA content is preferable to maintain environmental standards and ensure true color representation, minimizing the discrepancy between machine readings and human color perception.

3. Monitors and Calibration Shape Your Design Success

Clients in fields where color precision is critical, such as textile design, printing, photography, and graphic design, often encounter challenges in achieving accurate color representation on their monitors. This issue stems from the variation in how different monitors display colors, which can significantly impact the final output of a design.

To address this problem, Marnix strongly recommends the use of Eizo monitors, particularly those from the ColorEdge range. These monitors are known for their exceptional quality and come with a five-year warranty, ensuring reliability and longevity. The ColorEdge series is specifically designed for tasks requiring accurate color reproduction, making them an ideal choice for professionals in color-critical industries.

However, the solution doesn’t stop at just selecting the right monitor. Optimal color matching and color communication are best achieved through a combination of using high-quality monitors and professional color calibration services. NedGraphics offers specialized color calibration services that fine-tune your Eizo monitor settings to ensure that what you see on the screen is what you get in your final product. This precision is crucial for maintaining color consistency across various mediums and textile production stages.

Moreover, incorporating a X-rite spectrophotometer into your fabric design workflow is highly beneficial. This device measures the color and intensity of light, playing a pivotal role in managing and controlling the lighting environment, printer outputs, and monitor displays. By integrating a spectrophotometer’s precise measurements with NedGraphics’ color calibration expertise, clients can achieve a level of color accuracy that is essential in professional settings.

Final Thoughts

NedGraphics Softwares’ proficiency in the realm of textile design encompasses much more than mere recommendations for printers, paper and monitors. We are committed to delivering all-encompassing solutions and bespoke guidance, specifically engineered to overcome the unique color accuracy challenges faced in the textile industry. We understand that the requirements of each organization are distinct, and thus, we provide customized advice and additional tips that are specifically tailored to meet the individual needs of your textile design scenarios. 

With NedGraphics, you can confidently and precisely navigate the nuances of color calibration. Whether you are facing particular challenges in color calibration or are in pursuit of refining your existing color management practices, our team at NedGraphics is prepared to offer assistance.

By integrating the appropriate hardware choices with our expert color calibration services and utilizing advanced tools like spectrophotometers, NedGraphics delivers a holistic solution to the prevalent challenges of consistent and accurate color reproduction in color-dependent industries.

If you’re looking to elevate your design team’s capabilities and achieve unparalleled color accuracy in your projects, NedGraphics Professional Services is here to help. Reach out to us at to discover how we can enhance your textile design processes with our expertise and solutions.

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